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One On One Skype Consultation

One On One Skype Consultation

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One-On-One Skype Consultation.


I am a counselor and teacher by profession, a researcher, writer, wellness advocate, and passionate mother of a recovered vaccine injured child who is well versed in the subjects that are listed on this website.  My personal experience, interviews with medical experts, and exhaustive research has provided me with insight and information that wasn’t readily available to me when I needed it, and still is difficult to uncover.

My reason for this blog/website, my Facebook page Passionate For Truth, and my seizure support group Healing Seizures Naturally,  vaccine injury group Healing Vaccine Injuries Naturally, is to support those who are at their wits end.  Those who have come to the end of their rope, but still maintain that there has got to be a better way be restored, recover, live and be healthy.  My commitment is to continue the research about health and how to regain and maintain it through the use of natural means.   Knowing the truth about our God-breathed bodies and how He has designed us is what I am passionate about.

I am happy to share what I understand, have learned, have experienced and what has worked for me and my family in our efforts and abilities to reverse illnesses like seizure activity, thyroid imbalance, chronic migraines, estrogen dominance and vaccine injury.  I have a vast database of articles, studies, research, medical reports and journals, interviews, and documentaries far beyond what I have here on this website or have had yet to share in the other mediums that I use to reach out to people to help them.  I am not a doctor, and I know that if you are contacting me, you most likely are already aware of that.  I am not here to diagnose, prescribe, or claim to treat any ailments, but only to share information that I have and my personal experiences for you to take and go further in your healing journey for yourself and with your medical professional.

Additionally, I personally understand the difficulty of dealing with a chronic illness, and know that many times you just need someone who understands the uniqueness of your life to talk to.  Because of my counseling background,  I am also offering to be available for sessions to help you gain tools for dealing with the complications that come with sickness and give you the strength to keep your head up and carry on each day.

If you would like to have a more personal, in depth, one on one video consult with me, whether it is to discuss specifics of the illness you face, or just to have someone to talk to, please fill out the information below to request a consultation.

As a way to help me help you by giving you the one on one time that you deserve, I am happy to spend 1 hour with you.  The charge of $45 for this time allows me to continue my work and my efforts to get the word out to others and continue to research for everyone’s benefit.   Upon receipt of your request and payment, I will get right with you to coordinate our talk time!

Thank you.

Rachelle Burke

B.A. Psychology, A.A. Theology,  State Certified K-12 Teacher, Certificate in Nutritional Leadership, Researcher, Writer, Health Advocate, Child Advocate



Upon Receipt of Payment You Will Be Contacted to Schedule Your Consultation.  




**I am not a doctor.  The information shared on this website and during consultations is not meant to diagnose, treat or prescribe.  I am here to share my journey, the information that I’ve uncovered, and encourage you in your research and recovery.  I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe and none of the information is to be considered as such.  For all changes, be sure to check with your health practitioner.  All medical decisions are yours.