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Why We Are Here

I sell and recommend Ona's Natural Progesterone and sell it exclusively at a discount here at Passionate For Truth because my daughter and I have lived through and recovered from health issues that nothing else has been able to help with.

When my daughter's vaccine injury presented itself with seizure activity, it took years for us to figure out how much of the seizure activity was actually in tandem with her menstrual cycle.  Our discovery was self-discovered, and at the time there wasn't any information about Catamenial Seizures available (especially prior to the internet being available for our research!).  

Regulating, reversing and recovering her seizure activity became the thrust of my intensive research database, and understanding the part that hormones play in seizure activity became one of the main focuses on her recovery journey.

Understanding that estrogen is excitatory and inflammatory, and progesterone is calming and has an anti-inflammatory affect, led us to begin working with natural progesterone (no synthetics, all natural, mimicking your own body's progesterone production) to help her reverse and recover her migraine and seizure activity.  Studies have even shown that natural progesterone has an anti-inflammatory effect on people who have suffered strokes or traumatic brain injuries.

At the same time I was personally dealing with my own health issues, entering menopause, and struggling with anxiety, irritability, heavy bleeding, short cycles,  and lack of good sleep.  Once we began getting my daughter's health balancing better through her diet changes and using natural progesterone, I started looking at my own health issues and knew that my research had uncovered that natural progesterone could help with my problems as well.

Low and behold, after only 1 month of using natural progesterone, my periods were much lighter, returned to a more normal schedule, I began sleeping better, and I regained some of my 'happy self' from years past!

In researching the best natural progesterone, I found Ona's Natural Progesterone to be the one that was not only made of all natural ingredients, combined with Vitamin E for best absorption,  and available over the counter without a prescription, but was also the most cost effective.  We were needing to use so much of it to recover our symptoms, that it was hard to fill our bodies needs for natural progesterone therapy without wiping our bank account clean!

Ona's Natural Progesterone Cream LLC was created to fill a need, which the creator and many others have. Before starting her company, applying the amount of progesterone cream that she needed daily, just like me and my daughter, was a lot of work, very expensive, messy, and often with many ingredients that were allergenic.

I am not a doctor, but I do have personal experience to share, and a large amount of research available for anyone interested in finding out more for themselves.  I and my daughter, however, personally use natural progesterone, and have for many years now. We are a testament to its ability to re-balance what our foods, chemicals, water, air and society do to create a condition of estrogen dominance in untold numbers of people that leads to many different health issues and conditions such as PCOS, PMS, migraines, seizures, auto-immune, inflammatory issues and much more.  

I encourage you to learn more about natural progesterone on this page and the partnering website and welcome you to our store.  Please don't hesitate to contact me for more of my story or any help that I can be to you and your recovery!