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"...first period in years without any pain. I increased my progesterone to 600mg because I have been sick (from 400) to compensate for progesterone used for cortisol and that did the trick! My cycles now are very long 5-6 weeks which is fine with me. I suffered terrible cramps andfibroids pains for years, staying in bed 3 days in the row and crying from pain and nothing helped me. On 400mg the pain reduced and was very manageable. But this is first time that I have no pain at all. Also no tender breasts, no depression, no anger, not feeling low. Thank you" 2/5/2017
"This cream has literally saved my life!, I had such debilitating oestrogen dominance symptoms that were destroying my life. Depression, no motivation, chronic tiredness and my whole body ached from head to toe. I applied the cream before bed and by the morning I felt amazing. I feel like I did in my twenties." 12/12/2016