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Health Research Services

Health Research Services

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As we were trying to figure out my daughters failing health and find ways to help her heal, I gathered everything that I could.  Countless hours and many, many years have been spent digging deep –  interviewing doctors and specialists, listening to lectures, reading medical journals and studies, as well as figuring things out for ourselves through first hand experience.  Although I’m not a doctor, the information that I have amassed has led to the recover of seizures, migraines, leaky gut, PCOS, severe PMS, heavy metal toxicity/overload, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, estrogen dominance, thyroid insufficiency, and overall hormone imbalance.  When sharing what we have found in to be successful for my daughter and speaking with various doctors of various specialties, I have found (and many have concurred) that the information that I have and knowledge that I’ve gained has been more than many of them are aware of in their own practices.

My background as a counselor and teacher by profession, a researcher, writer, wellness advocate, and passionate mother of a recovered vaccine injured child who is well versed in the subjects that are listed on this website gives me the opportunity to share with others what I have uncovered.  My personal experience, interviews with medical experts, and exhaustive research has provided me with insight and information that wasn’t readily available to me when I needed it, and still is difficult to uncover.  I now have an information database and wealth of knowledge that you can benefit from that can save you the time of what took years for me to gather and prove for ourselves.

I am happy to share what I understand, have learned, have experienced and what has worked for me and my family in our efforts and abilities to reverse illnesses like seizure activity, thyroid imbalance, chronic migraines, estrogen dominance and vaccine injury.  The vast database that I have of articles, studies, research, medical reports and journals, interviews, and documentaries extends far beyond what I have here on this website or have had yet to share in the other mediums that I use to reach out to people to help them.  It all can be of benefit to you to make your health decisions by providing more information that is readily available to you.  I am not a doctor, and I know that if you are contacting me, you most likely are already aware of that.  I am not here to diagnose, prescribe, or claim to treat any ailments, but only to share information that I have and my personal experiences for you to take and go further in your healing journey for yourself and with your medical professional.


How Health Research Services Works

Once receiving your payment initiation your request for this service, you will receive a form to fill out and return to me, providing me with your request for research services regarding one condition/diagnosis.

After a thorough analysis of the details of the information that you provide along with your listed health concerns related to the condition you want information for,  I will be able to research fully specific to your health conditions, concerns and needs and provide you with information for you to use in the health decisions that you and your health professional make in order to recover naturally.

Once I begin working on your portfolio, it is my goal that you should receive the portfolio of findings for the concerns listed within a week.

Should I require more information or detail from you, I will be sure to contact you.

Your detailed portfolio of current and cutting edge findings will include links to medical journal studies, lectures, symposiums, articles, videos, books and more.  The individualized information will be specific to your situation and will consist of natural ways to reclaim wholeness and take back your health.

You may also book a more personalized phone consult , if you’d rather start that way.


Thank you for trusting me to help you find information so that you can move forward in your health recovery.


Rachelle Burke

B.A. Psychology, A.A. Theology,  State Certified K-12 Teacher, Certificate in Nutritional Leadership, Researcher, Writer, Health Consultant and Advocate, Child Advocate